feminist artist woman smiling

Being passionate is my thing! I hope you feel it in my art...

My work is rooted in my experience as a woman, mother, lover and individual.

 I have been an artist all my life, but my own practice was often put to one side as I nurtured others. Work in my Wiltshire studio, and time spent in Cornwall, has re-ignited and energised my practice.

Being fascinated by how people think and interact, I love to connect with people and create conversations, while investigating feminist themes and emotions through semi-abstracted figures and portraits.

 Through intuitive, gestural marks and drips in mixed media, I create a varied colour palette embedded in pink and purple. I allow the materials to speak to me as I work so the intention and outcome often change.

The voices and experiences of myself and other women drives my current work, which explores the strength and vulnerability in all of us.